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If you don't have a real passion/love for gin, believe me when I say it runs deep in those that do. 

No other place in London will you find a stronger passion for gin and wanting to help people discover its many twists and turns. 

Subplot57 is a Community space below @leafandgroove, speakeasy, home to @FHGinClub (Charlotte and Simon) who also brought us Catford Gin Festival. I was lucky enough to be invited down to one of the first nights/gin tastings to be held at the new venue. 


Now when I get told you'll be drinking gin in the basement of a bookshop, my level of excitement increases, others may say I'm bonkers. Obviously living in east London for seven years has rubbed off on me. 


Walking through the door in to a small book shop you enter through a door at the rear, down a staircase covered in book, music and gin posters all. Illuminated by the neon 'Subplot57' sign (which gave a lovely purple hue to all my photos) you are greeted by a simple space, a concrete bar, wooden shelves behind holding what I class as gin heaven.

The gin

X-Gin is a Belgium gin I was yet to try and to be honest one I had avoided. Whether it was the branding or the flavour profile but when I read up on it X-Gin has claimed a fair few awards. 



Go and have a look at their website to read about its 'aphrodisiac' properties and its origins, all a little OTT for me. 

 The Tasting

This was a real chilled event, my kind of tasting.  

We were served a classic G&T a premixed negroni and a clover club and given a short but sweet background of the gin. 

The G&T served with Fever tree Indian tonic with raspberries and cocoa nib garnish all worked very well. To simplify the flavour, think juniper and nutella. With 45 different botanicals (Colombian cocoa beans, Piedmonte hazelnuts, Avola almonds, vanilla pods, wild chillies and more...) I was only able to pick out a few. 

The Negroni worked even better, although I'm not a lover of martini rosso in my negroni, the gin nestled quite nicely and crated a very balanced drink. I also think the Terry's chocolate orange wedge garnish was also a nice touch. I did however feel a little sorry for the person that managed to knock theirs over, such a waste.  


The clover club, now that's a long make. Making 30 clover clubs was not going to be quick process, I took this opportunity to head down the road and picked up a pizza from Bona (no jokes) recommended by Charlotte and a bloody good recommendation to.  

The clover club was garnished with a chocolate dipped strawberry and foamed using Ms Betters Bitters (no eggs where harmed in the making of this cocktail) 


Subplot57 is in its infancy but what a way to start. Knowing the passion for gin and how Catford gin festival improved for one year to the next, I'm certainly going to be a regular. 

It's like discovering a new band and watching them grow. Good luck guys and I will defo see you soon. 


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I was gifted the ticket to the tasting. All opinions are my own.

Doghouse Distillery, Battersea

Doghouse Distillery, Battersea

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