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Doghouse Distillery, Battersea

Doghouse Distillery, Battersea

Being in the doghouse house means you have done something wrong. If that’s the case I need to start misbehaving

I was lucky enough to be invited down to the Doghouse. A musically fuelled distillery ran by Braden and Katherine in Battersea South London. Opened in 2016, Londons only Grain to glass liquid started leaving the door in 2017.


The tour of the space was a great, relaxed evening. Meeting in the main office of a warehouse on the London Stone Business Estate. The love for music was prevalent, posters adorned the walls with the one and only Freddie Mercury taking centre stage.


Led downstairs by Braden himself. G&T in hand, I was in my element. Music filling the space, we were told about the journey and history of the doghouse and the processes involved in making such good booze. What really shone though was the passion for innovation an a real want to succeed with what seemed more like a passion project rather than a business. Whether it’s the Renegade Gin, Baller Vodka and Sidewayz Projects (try the Sloe Gin. its very good) the love that goes into each of them is unrivalled.


The gin.

A renegade is a person who behaves rebelliously and in an unconventional manner, and these guys don’t do things normal.

A junipery poke in the face is what you are treated with, yes this is a proper gin. It is followed by well balance herbaceous notes and a long peppery finish. Drink neat on the rocks or alternatively fill a glass with ice, gin and a premium tonic and you have a top class G&T where the gin is the lead vocalist and really knows how to whip up the crowd.


Where can I taste this Gin I hear you ask?

Junipalooza in June would be a good starting point. Katherine assures me that their personality is really going to show on their stand this year, but hurry there are not many tickets left.

Visit the Doghouse Website and you will find dates to tastings and their famous Mini-Fests.

I was invited to the evening at no cost I was also gifted a bottle of the Renegade Gin. All views and opinions are my own

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